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Your Success is Our Mission

Salt Wealth Partners

Our firm was founded to guide successful families through the complexity and uncertainty that follows financial achievement.​ We offer that rare combination of in-house investment expertise with ongoing, tailored financial guidance. We've been around long enough to know what we're doing but not too long to think we know everything. As such, we can be your strategic thought partner and trusted advisor. 

At a Glance

Fiduciary?                    It’s in our DNA

Fee-only?                     Yes

Unbiased?                   Absolutely

Too Small?                   By design

Research?                    Continuous

Reporting?                  100% Transparent

Have any fun?             We love this stuff!

At a Glance
We Help Families Succeed, One By One.

We Work For You

You are not a number to us.

At Salt Wealth Partners we VALUE CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS, and we have a deep love of finance. We work for YOU, and we bring high-touch service and customized solutions to our clients, one by one. We know their situations inside and out. Our culture is one of continuous development and unsatiated learning so we can be at the forefront of industry knowledge and economic cycles. 

After a collective 74 YEARS IN FINANCE, working for some of the largest and more prominent financial shops, we've seen how Wall Street is riddled with conflicts of interest and most big, independent firms are obsessively focused on growth, at the expense of current clients. That's why we started Salt Wealth Partners because we wanted our clients to have the opportunity to be treated like individuals and not commodities.

Because we are BOUTIQUE BY DESIGN we're very particular about the type and number of clients we take on. This allows us to give you the very best. We'd love to connect and see if we can become part of YOUR team!

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Our Services

We're here to change your future and give you our very best!
Salt Wealth Partners


We care deeply about our clients’ financial success and longevity because we realize that, for better or worse, money touches almost every aspect of our lives. It can affect our relationships, how we spend our every minute, and even our health.


OUR WORK is to make its impact a positive force in the lives of our clients. To us, Wealth Planning leaves few stones unturned. If we were to summarize the broad categories that we advise on and oversee at the micro-level, they would be: 


  • Retirement Planning 

  • Cash Flow Management 

  • Debt Management 

  • Estate Planning 

  • Tax Planning 

  • Legacy/Gifting Strategies 

  • Social Security Timing 

  • Retirement Income/Spending Strategies 

  • Insurance Needs/Reviews 

  • Savings/Investment Strategies 


We would love to SHOW you our process. Use our Contact Form and ask us to send you our Planning Presentation Video. 

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When it comes to investment strategies, your objectives come first. We let our planning process inform our investment recommendations for each and every client. An understanding of age and “risk tolerance” is not enough. We take the time to wrap our arms around your current assets, tax status, cash flow needs, time horizon, etc. Your needs help us build a portfolio tailored to you.   


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all portfolio management. We also don’t feel that this is something that can effectively be outsourced to a third party who understands neither you nor your situation. Because we are BOUTIQUE BY DESIGN we’re able to customize and manage client portfolios at an extremely high level.   


We have managed money through three separate “once in a lifetime” events and have learned lessons from each one of them.  Our expertise is in: 


  • Portfolio Design 

  • Hedging Strategies  

  • Tax Loss Harvesting 

  • Distribution Strategies 

  • Concentrated Stock Positions  

  • Alternative Investments  


We would love to SHOW you our process. Use our Contact Form and ask us to send you our Investor Guidebook Video. 

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